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    What better way to go off the grid than becoming a vampire?

    One cool autumn afternoon in 1922, the sheriff took Dorothy away. Her family was told their 21 year old daughter was eligible to receive a new vaccine. Three days later, she was returned to them — bleeding, broken, and barren.

    The sheriff had lied.

    The North Carolina State Eugenics Board considered Dorothy “feebleminded and promiscuous,” a “criminal type” unfit for the human gene pool. They sterilized her against her will.

    Dorothy’s father responded by turning to a power greater than the State.  Realizing the rest of his children were targets, he made them untouchable, untraceable, unknown. Police would not coerce them. Bullets would not harm them. Using generations-old occultism, he made them all a family of vampires.

    Today, Dorothy is frozen for all time as a lushly figured, strawberry blonde. She has no trouble enticing prey into her arms. But did her father’s bid for power do her more harm than doctor who sliced her open in 1922? Did she lose all of her humanity that first night when she opened her eyes and knew that she was different? Doesn’t she still feel human needs? Is happiness impossible for her?

    Enter Father Edward Stone. A young Catholic priest — his faith destroyed, his mind tormented by a post-traumatic disorder — Edward will become the living answer to Dorothy’s questions. Whether he likes it or not. And a series of catastrophic events will educate them both — about the power of deception, a love neither thought possible, and the kind of human beings they might still become.

    Readers of gothic horror and paranormal thrillers will discover Lint Hatcher has marshaled all his powers in this, the first volume in a dynamic, new series readers are calling “Genuinely creepy, funny, and sad in all the right places.”